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Key Contacts
  • Frank Khan

    Executive Director, Head of Residential
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  • Nattha Kahapana

    Executive Director, Knight Frank Phuket
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  • Potjaman Vorakitpokathorn

    Director, Head of Project Marketing
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  • Anchalee Kasemsukthawat

    Director, Head of Prime Sales
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Residential Agency Services in Thailand

Knight Frank Thailand’s Residential Agency is one of the biggest service providers in Bangkok and Phuket. Our services cover the following:

     • Project Marketing & Exclusive Sales Agent
     • Prime Sales 
     • IPM (International Project Marketing) 
     • London Sales

Project Marketing and Exclusive Sales Agent

Knight Frank Thailand’s Project Marketing & Sales Agent Teams have extensive experience in providing residential development project advice, marketing & PR planning, project launching, marketing and sales operation services.

Our project marketing and sales service always provides developers with comprehensive consultancy services.

Those include:

     • Market Research and Financial Feasibility Study: We provide an in-depth understanding of the market potential, competitors and trends.

     • Product/Development Consultancy: This very important stage of development encompasses the design of the right product - one that can easily sell under the current market condition.

     • Competitor Analysis and Pricing Strategy: One of the key steps is to know your competitors; who they are, what they sell, how your development can compete with them at an appropriate price, and how you form a strategy for the pricing of all units and the selling period.

     • Marketing Plan and Implementation: We formulate an effective plan of market strategies, marketing channels and PR; we then implement the plan with evaluation and re-planning phases. The entire process is overseen by experienced and knowledgeable persons.

     • Sales Operation: we implement a system to collect, track and analyse buyer information. Salesperson skills and experience, including sales with a lower ratio of visited prospected buyers ,marks one of the key point of our success.

     • Unit Transfer (if required): This is provided by professional sales that can coordinate and help solve buyer problems for a smoother unit transfer.

Experienced team is involved in all the steps and processes, to create value, rise above the competition and ultimately make the development a success.

Residential Prime Sales

We provide service to prime residential properties in the top locations, especially in Greater Bangkok and Phuket.

A highly trained and experienced agent who truly understands a location, project and market including all the processes involved in unit transfer, will assist and advise each client. Under the guidance of a team head, they will work to ensure that we offer high-quality services.

Our services shall comprise of:

     • A seller representative, providing you with advice on the current market situation; appropriate selling price, marketing and advertising; price and terms negotiation; sales and purchasing contract protection; and unit transfer.

     • A buyer representative, or a purchaser agent, searching for a property that matches your requirements, negotiating the best price and terms for you, helping to negotiate fair contract terms and assisting with the transfer to completion.

     • Landlord letting agent

     • Tenant letting agent

IPM (International Project Marketing)

Bringing a project to sell overseas requires an in-depth understanding of buyer behaviours and expectations. Also, the joint cooperation between proficient and loyal Thai agents and overseas agents is a key factor in sales success in overseas markets.

Knight Frank Thailand has plenty of experience co-working with overseas agents, especially in Hong Kong, Macau, China, Malaysia, and Singapore. Our co-agent does not limit their exposure to the Knight Frank officer in Thailand; rather, they work with other agents as needed, subject to the product and buyer suitability. To learn more on international project marketing, please contact Mr. Frank Khan, our Head of Residential Agency.