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Knight Frank Thailand – The Leading Independent Real Estate Consultancy

(คลิ๊กที่นี่เพื่ออ่านข้อมูล ภาษาไทย)

Thailand property agents and consultants, Knight Frank Thailand is one of the country’s leading property services in Bangkok and Phuket where our offices located. With established specialist departments advising and consulting on all aspects of property; Residential, Commercial, Investment and Land Sales, Valuation and Advisory, Property Management, Research and Consulting & Feasibility Study,  Capital Markets and London Property Investments services.

We provide our clients with global coverage via 512 offices in 60 countries and more than 19,030 staff throughout Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, the Middle East and the Americas.

Knight Frank Thailand provides market-leading advice and transaction support to investors, corporate and homeowners for their personal and business property needs. Whether you are interesting in buying, investing, selling or renting the property.


Our Services

Residential Agency Services in Thailand

Knight Frank Thailand’s Residential Agency is one of the biggest service providers in Bangkok and Phuket. Our services cover the following:
• Project Marketing & Exclusive Sales Agent
• Prime Sales
• IPM (International Project Marketing)
• London Sales

Project Marketing and Exclusive Sales Agent

Knight Frank Thailand’s Project Marketing & Sales Agent Teams have extensive experience in providing residential development project advice, marketing & PR planning, project launching, marketing and sales operation services.

Our project marketing and sales service always provides developers with comprehensive consultancy services. Those include:

• Market Research and Financial Feasibility Study: We provide an in-depth understanding of the market potential, competitors and trends.

• Product/Development Consultancy: This very important stage of development encompasses the design of the right product - one that can easily sell under the current market condition.

• Competitor Analysis and Pricing Strategy: One of the key steps is to know your competitors; who they are, what they sell, how your development can compete with them at an appropriate price, and how you form a strategy for the pricing of all units and the selling period.

• Marketing Plan and Implementation: We formulate an effective plan of market strategies, marketing channels and PR; we then implement the plan with evaluation and re-planning phases. The entire process is overseen by experienced and knowledgeable persons.

• Sales Operation: we implement a system to collect, track and analyse buyer information. Salesperson skills and experience, including sales with a lower ratio of visited prospected buyers ,marks one of the key point of our success.

• Unit Transfer (if required): This is provided by professional sales that can coordinate and help solve buyer problems for a smoother unit transfer. Experienced team is involved in all the steps and processes, to create value, rise above the competition and ultimately make the development a success.

Residential Prime Sales

We provide service to prime residential properties in the top locations, especially in Greater Bangkok and Phuket. A highly trained and experienced agent who truly understands a location, project and market including all the processes involved in unit transfer, will assist and advise each client. Under the guidance of a team head, they will work to ensure that we offer high-quality services. Our services shall comprise of:

• A seller representative, providing you with advice on the current market situation; appropriate selling price, marketing and advertising; price and terms negotiation; sales and purchasing contract protection; and unit transfer.

• A buyer representative, or a purchaser agent, searching for a property that matches your requirements, negotiating the best price and terms for you, helping to negotiate fair contract terms and assisting with the transfer to completion.

• Landlord letting agent

• Tenant letting agent

IPM (International Project Marketing)

Bringing a project to sell overseas requires an in-depth understanding of buyer behaviours and expectations. Also, the joint cooperation between proficient and loyal Thai agents and overseas agents is a key factor in sales success in overseas markets.

Knight Frank Thailand has plenty of experience co-working with overseas agents, especially in Hong Kong, Macau, China, Malaysia, and Singapore. Our co-agent does not limit their exposure to the Knight Frank officer in Thailand; rather, they work with other agents as needed, subject to the product and buyer suitability. To learn more on international project marketing, please contact Mr. Frank Khan, our Head of Residential Agency.

London Property Purchasing

With a very strong team, market knowledge as well as full support from the London team, Knight Frank Thailand team can provide you with a full range of services when you decide to purchase a property in London either for your own home or as in investment. The local Thai team is well advised, with a good understanding of the London residential market. They can delve into the London market situation, issues and problems to make sure that your investment is safe and very well taken care of.

Our team can also provide advice on the following:
• Introducing the best prime London residential developments
• Investment consulting in terms of area, ownership and taxes
• Loan advisory
• Understanding relevant laws and regulations


Occupier Services and Commercial Agency (OSCA)

Services & solutions for occupiers of commercial property

Dedicated occupier advice - here for you

Whether you are looking for or currently occupy industrial space (warehouses or ‘sheds’), office space, retail space or specialised uses like crèches, educational space, gyms and health centres, Knight Frank has experienced teams that are dedicated to advising you, the occupier.

At Knight Frank, we have a saying that “the occupier is everything”. Without occupiers, space would not be let and revenue producing property investments would not exist. We offer a refreshingly different approach by exclusively advising occupiers across different sectors and space types.

We fully appreciate the impact property can have on a business. Organisational performance and success are linked to the space you provide for your business. This means that the space must be fit for purpose.

In a commercial world where the war for talent and the pressure to deliver operational efficiencies have never been fiercer, Knight Frank can help you to find and secure space that not only aligns with your business objectives but also enhances your business’s productivity, brand and your ability to retain and attract the best talent.

Here for you at every stage of your occupancy

Our proactive and focussed approach to representing occupiers is based on our ability to identify and pre-empt the challenges you will face.

We have experienced teams in all major global locations to reflect where you most need real estate services and we can organise these in such a way as to best match your needs now and in the future.

How we can help you 

• Cut costs and boost profitability
• Enhance productivity and employee satisfaction
• Attract the best talent
• Find 'off market' opportunities unavailable through brokerage websites
• Reduce business rates
• Streamline operations
• Stay ahead of your competitors

Factory, Warehouse and Industrial Land for Sale/Rent

Dedicated occupier advice - here for you

Our specialist industrial property consultants helps firms of all sizes to source and secure factories, warehouses, and industrial development land in logistics parks and industrial estates throughout Thailand. We are experts in helping new entrants to the Thai market identify and secure optimal locations on the best terms achievable, and with minimal hassle. We make full use of our extensive contacts in business and government to go beyond the initial real estate transaction, helping to ensure that your business’s entrance to the market is as smooth, timely and cost effective as possible. We also provide negotiation of rent reviews, lease renewals, and advise on leases and sales and purchase contracts.

Frequent stock surveys and unparalleled market access ensures that we are always adding more properties to our growing database, giving clients a wide range of warehouses and manufacturing plants, suiting every operation and budget, in all of Thailand’s strategic locations

How we can help you

Factory - Warehouse Leasing and Relocation Services

• Requirement analysis
• Site searches
• Qualitative and financial analyses
• Negotiation management
• Lease agreement advisory
• Space handover

Sales Agency Services

• Agent for selling or buying a factory and warehouse on your behalf
• Searches for suitable properties with your specialty requirement
• Property inspection and negotiation of all terms and conditions
• Drafting of sales and purchase agreement
• Transaction and handover

Bangkok Office for Rent/Sale

Dedicated occupier advice - here for you

Working exclusively with tenants on acquiring and disposing of Bangkok Offices Space for Sale, Office Space for Rent.

Whether searching for new office or looking to grow your business in Thailand, Knight Frank's specialist tenant advisors are on hand to work with you on reaching your corporate real estate needs and objectives. Our dedicated teams of experienced advisor and negotiators seek to minimise leasing costs and occupancy risks while maximising workplace flexibility and productivity.

Why Knight Frank

We make it our business to get to know your business. We review your corporate strategy in conjunction with your real estate requirements, offering impartial, timely advice and solutions that are tailored specifically to you. Working closely with our landlord and research teams we benefit from a thorough understanding of the marketplace including leasing trends and regulations, vacancy rates and development activity.

How we can help you

Office Relocation Services

• Requirement analyst
• Site searches
• Property Inspection
• Qualitative and financial analyses
• Negotiation management
• Lease agreement advisory
• Space handover
• Third party recommendations (if required)

Lease Renewal Services

• Survey availability of alternatives
• Relocation options
• Perform ‘stay vs go’ feasibility studies
• Secure, analyse and benchmark offers from current landlords against the most suitable relocation options
• Negotiate all terms and conditions with the most suitable landlord to secure optimal financial and nonfinancial terms
• Lease agreement advisory



Knight Frank Thailand serves as the largest real estate / asset valuation service provider among all such international firms in Thailand. The company boasts fully integrated services and a comprehensive range of all kinds of asset valuations.

Knight Frank Thailand is the only valuation company that having in-depth specialist teams including:

• Commercial property’s valuation specialists (Office building and retail shopping centre)
• Residential development project valuation specialists (Condominium and house project development)
• Hotel and leisure’s property valuation specialists
• Industrial and Logistics property’s valuation specialists
• Public sector property’s valuation specialists
The valuation services of Knight Frank Thailand have carried out an asset valuation worth over 544 billion Baht per year.

Why Knight Frank?

• Leading international valuation house among international real estate consultancy firms for more than 20 years
• The biggest, and most extensive and in-depth knowledge team consists of 33 valuers and 13 supporting staff (title searchers, map and plan drafting officers, admin staff, researchers). Out of 33 valuers, 18 have over 15 years of experience in property valuation
• A very experienced valuers who know and understand both the local and international valuation practices

The team includes:


Mr. Phanom Kanjanathiemthao, Managing Director, has 32 years of experience in real estate services in Thailand. He holds a Master Degree in Economic Development – Project Analysis & Appraisal and Bachelor Degree in Real Estate Business. He is a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), the Thai Valuers Association (TVA), and the Valuers Association of Thailand (VAT). He is also an approved valuer under the Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand.

Mr. Surasak Limpa-Arayakul, Executive Director, Head of Valuation & Advisory, with over 28 years of experience in valuation practice, involved in the valuation of all types of properties. He graduated a Master degree in Real Estate Business and Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering. He is a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), the Thai Valuers Association, the Valuers Association of Thailand , the Listed Valuer under Securities and Exchange Commission as well as Bank of Thailand and the Engineering Institute of Thailand.

Mr. Prachya Busayaphan, Director, Commercial Property Valuation Specialist who has over 26 years of experience and is a team leader of Commercial property valuation specialists. He graduated with a MBA in Marketing and BBA in Construction Technology. He is also a listed Valuer under Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Thai Valuers Association (TVA) and the Valuers Association of Thailand (VAT).

Mr. Sorawut Ditprasert, Director, Residential Project Development Valuation Specialist, the leader of the residential valuation team having work experience over 23 years in real estate valuation across Thailand. He graduated with a Bachelor Degree of Civil Engineering and is a licensed engineer of the Council of Engineers as well as a member of Thai Valuers Association (TVA) and the Valuers Association of Thailand (VAT).

Mr. Chatchai Angarunkorn, Director, Government Property Valuation Specialist who has over 31 years of strong background in valuation practices. He graduated with a Master Degree of Housing Development. He is also a member of Thai Valuers Association (TVA), The Valuers Association of Thailand (VAT), Listed Valuer under Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and licensed of the Land Surveyor.

Ms. Korkaew Charoensuk, Associate Director, Hotel Valuation Specialist who has over 8 years of strong experience in Hotel and Leisure property valuation. She graduated with a MBA in Finance and BBA in Property Valuation and also the member of the Valuers Association of Thailand (VAT), Listed Valuer under Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Mr. Channarong Pholpuech, Director, Industrial Property Valuation Specialist who graduated a BBA in Construction Technology, has over 28 years’ experience with in depth knowledge of the industrial property market. He is a member of the Thai Valuers Association (TVA) and the Valuers Association of Thailand (VAT).

Mr. Napa Pudtanu, Director, General Portfolio and Corporate Asset Valuation Specialistwho graduated a Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering, has over 23 years’ experience with in depth knowledge of the market. He is a member of the Thai Valuers Association (TVA), the Valuers Association of Thailand (VAT) and of the Council of Engineers as well as Listed Valuer under Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Licenses and Membership

• Approved Valuers for Public Listing Purposes by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand (SEC)
• Approved Valuers under the Bank of Thailand’s Regulation (BOT)
• Approved Valuers by the Office of Insurance Commission, Ministry of Commerce (OIC)
• Members of both Valuers Association of Thailand (VAT) & Thai Valuers Association (TVA)
• Certified Consultants for Thai Consultant Database Center, Ministry of Finance (PDMO)
• Members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)
• Certified security enforcers of business security’s collateral Valuation and enforcement under the Department of Business Development Ministry of Commerce (DBD)

Purposes of Valuation Services

• Public Valuation Prospectuses
• Corporate Management
• Financial Restructuring
• Mortgage Financing
• Sales and Purchasing
• Company Accounting or Financial Statements
• Investment , Joint Venture, Mergers and Acquisitions
• Liquidations and Receiverships

Development Consultancy / Feasibility Study & Research

The specialist teams that lead by

  • Advisory Team 1, headed by Mr. Sunchai Kooakachai, Director - Head of Consultancy, who has over 17 years experience with in depth knowledge of the real estate market. He graduated with a Master Degree in Real Estate Management and BBA in Property Valuation.
  • Advisory Team 2, headed by Mr. Carlos Martinez, Associate Director, who has over 10 years’ experience with in depth knowledge of the market. He graduated with a Master Degree in Real Estate and MBA as well as BBA (Hons). He is a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).
  • Research, headed by Ms. Risinee Sarikaputra, Director - Research, who has over 20 years’ experience with in depth knowledge of the property market. She graduated with a Master Degree in International Business & Management and BBA in Hotel Management. She is a member of the Thai Valuers Association (TVA).

The team also provides regular reports including our quarterly market overviews covering key indicators and movements in local real estate market. Our publications cover the following market segments:
• Condominium Market
• Office Market
• Industrial Property Market
With highly qualified researchers and expansive database, our reports offer unique insight and investment property advice for property investors, developers and occupiers. Our research team is dedicated to deliver clients with cutting-edge market research to support practical business decisions and successful long-term strategies for your business.

Property and Asset Management Services 

• Property Management
• Villa Management
• Estate Management
• Facilities Management
• Building Audit

Our professional management services currently cover high end residential condominiums, high-end villas, and commercial office buildings and property management experience is underpinned by in-depth knowledge and know-how to offer the best property management services in the market. Our top priority is to increase the value of the clients’ property with proficient standard management practices. We are committed to transparency, rapidly responding to any complaint or problem and completing day-to-day operations. We guarantee the finest quality of services that meet clients’ satisfaction.

We offers comprehensive services ranging from strategic planning to property management, with a skilled and professional management team who utilizes advanced technologies (application on mobile) to deliver and maintain the highest standard services through the most cost effective means. We are committed to transparency, rapidly responding to any complaint or problem and completing day-to-day operations. We guarantee the finest quality of services that meet clients’ satisfaction.

Scopes of services

• Building Management
• Villa Management
• Tenancy Management
• Finance and Accounting Management
• Contractor’s Management
• Building Insurance
• Committee Meeting and Annual General Meeting
• Management Report


Investment Property Services

Our property investment specialists work alongside public sector, institutional and private investors. With unrivalled insight and access to both residential and commercial properties thoughout Thailand including Phuket we provide tailored strategies to implement investment that maximise returns on investment, based on the short and longer term investment objectives of our clients.

Investment Sales and Disposals

• Marketing and sales strategy
• Management of bids and sale process
• Full market research and portfolio analysis Investment Acquisitions
• Full market research and reporting
• Detailed cash flow analysis
• Contract Negotiations
• Heads of terms agreements

Capital Markets & Investment Services

Knight Frank Thailand’s Capital Markets & Investment Services offers expertise across all principal real estate sectors. Our scope of services includes capital markets advisory, real estate investment sales and land sales. The global Knight Frank network, with a presence in over 60 countries, enables us to deliver high levels of personalised service and advice to our international client base, both in Thailand and abroad, especially in London, Hong Kong, Japan, U.S., Europe, Australia, and South East Asia.

We possess a thorough understanding of the local real estate market as well as the key players, which helps us to successfully introduce suitable domestic and international (co-)investment partners, identify sites with development potential, and offer advice on acquisitions and disposals of land and buildings. In addition, we are able to provide up-to-date market intelligence throughout the world and to deliver fast and efficient access to international investment products and bespoke market research. This allows us to provide in-depth advisory services to our clients regarding where to invest their capital across the globe, and to access the best assets in order to maximize their returns and preserve their wealth.

Our Services Capital Markets

• Co-investments
• Joint ventures
• Real estate debt and equity advisory Investments
• Brokerage and advisory on commercial real estate acquisitions and disposals
• Brokerage and advisory on residential en bloc acquisitions and disposals Land Sales
• Land acquisitions and disposals
• Development consultancy
• Market evaluation and appraisals
• Planning advice