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Our specialist industrial property consultants helps firms of all sizes to source and secure factories, warehouses, and industrial development land in logistics parks and industrial estates throughout Thailand. We are experts in helping new entrants to the Thai market identify and secure optimal locations on the best terms achievable, and with minimal hassle. We make full use of our extensive contacts in business and government to go beyond the initial real estate transaction, helping to ensure that your business’s entrance to the market is as smooth, timely and cost effective as possible. We also provide negotiation of rent reviews, lease renewals, and advise on leases and sales and purchase contracts.

Frequent stock surveys and unparalleled market access ensures that we are always adding more properties to our growing database, giving clients a wide range of warehouses and manufacturing plants, suiting every operation and budget, in all of Thailand’s strategic locations.

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Chodthanawat 5 Newly Built  Mini Factory Warehouse Next to Eastern Seaboard I.E.

Bangpoo I.E., Preaksa Sub-district, Muang District, Samutprakarn Province.


This property is located in Bangpoo I.E., Preaksa Sub-district, Muang District, Samutprakarn Province. Premises Details Land area : 24-0-14.4 Rai (9,614.4 sq.wah) Building area : Approx. 20,000 sq.m. (3-storeys) First floor : Manufacturing area (72 x 162 m) (Floor loading capacity 2.5-3.5 tons/sq.m.) - Area with 4.5 m. ceiling height - Without air-condition 3,064 sq.m. - With air-condition 1,044 sq.m. - Area with 15 m. ceiling height 3,888 sq.m. - Toilets provided (18 rooms) - Total area 11,664 sq.m. Warehouse Area (Floor loading capacity 6 tons/sq.m.) - Area with 15 m. ceiling height 3,024 sq.m. - Racks provided for 1,520 pallets Second floor : Manufacturing area (36 x 66 m) 2,376 sq.m. Office Area (36 x 48 m) 1,728 sq.m. - Chiller provided (100 tons, 2 unit) - Area split into 8 management rooms, working area 5 zones, 1 large conference room (140 pax), 1 large meeting room, 2 Medium meeting rooms, 1 small meeting room, 2 multi-purpose rooms, 2 nursing rooms and 16 workers toilet Third floor : Canteen and Recreational area (24 x 72 m) 1,728 sq.m. - Kitchen and 14 worker toilets provided Terms & Conditions Price : 500 Million Baht Transfer fee : Responsible by both parties at half and half basis Tax & Duty : Responsible by both parties at half and half basis *The landlord also provides the options for buying only the factory (covering approx. 16 rai) and buying only the empty land (8 rai). Conditions are negotiable.
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